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I started my therapy training in 2011 at the Iron Mill Institute in Exeter, with a Certificate in Counselling, then an Advanced Diploma. By 2013 I was working as a volunteer therapist at The Quiet Mind, a brilliant local charity based in Exmouth. The following year I set up my private practice and have enjoyed doing that ever since. I am continually involved in further training and am currently on my second year as a COSRT student working towards my qualification in Clinical Sexology from The Contemporary Institute for Clinical Sexology (CICS).


When I'm not working or studying, I occasionally play in bands and enjoy going to watch films, live music, live comedy, live tv shows, and playing escape rooms. I've been on quite a few tv shows over the years too, including popular children's cult game show Knightmare, back in 1991. More recently in 2017 I was lucky enough to beat 40,000 other applicants who applied for Series 11 of ITV's popular tea-time quiz show, The Chase. Although I didn't walk away with any money, I was proud to score £7,000 in my cash builder and had an amazing time being a contestant.

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